Rents of works of art

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I rent the works of art for film or television productions or on privately and/or to companies.
They can rent or buy the works of art also for exhibition etc..

If you have interest to lease or several of the works of art issued here contact me please under:

Telephone: +49-178-3302488 or by

Transport and return:
Dispatched alternatively UPS takes place or with the larger parts (e.g. furniture) also by "Bahntrans" by post office. Alternatively all works of art can be fetched and visited (location Cologne/Germany).
The tenant takes over forwarding expenses
They can rent those/those work of art (E) arbitrarily for a long time.
For leasing/rents of the works of art special conditions/prices exist.
Return takes place likewise on danger and debited to the tenant
When desired you can get a photography of the pieces selected by you dispatched.

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