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Vita of Olaf Berger

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If I am not active straight as an artist, I work as an actor, musician or as an author.
As an actor I already participated in many productions.
Here a small selection:
Der Clown
Unter uns
Versteckte Kamera
Straight Shooter
RTL extra
Aktion Glatzenkind with the Ingo Appelt Show.
Verbotene Liebe
Die Camper
The guard
Music video by Christian Wunderlich and Bürger Lars Dietrich

I wrote up to now 37 songs and produced of it one, which was played also withthe "Eins Live Heimatkult ".

I wrote 2 leasens "lacquer & leather" and "it was again one this summer night" written and already several fairy tales written.

In my twenties I did fotografs and collages.

Momentarily I, beside the work on further works of art, work particularly on a film script with a socialcritical topic and on mean "Reime des Lebens".

More is not to be betrayed here however yet over the future.